About Us

simonjenWelcome to Simon & Jenni’s Corner, the personal website of Simon & Jennifer Pettiford. Here, you will find a blog mainly centered around tech but really a mixed bag of anything and everything from a couple that like to be silly and have fun!
Simon is 29 years old, and was born in Southern UK. Jennifer is 22 years old and is a native of Arkansas, USA. They both have a remarkable story.
Both met online in 2007 on the WyldRyde IRC Network. They officially became a couple on June 18th, 2008 and dated long-distance with the aid of VOIP technology, email, and Instant Messaging. They first met in person on the Christmas of 2009 when Jennifer came to the UK for 2 weeks. Their relationship grew stronger, although it wasn’t until the Summer of 2011 that Simon was able to travel to the US for his first ever holiday abroad and to meet the family. Simon enjoyed life in the USA very much and quickly made plans to return.
He did so in May 2012 where he asked Jennifer to marry him. She said yes, of course! [Click to watch the Hilarious Video! -> Part I  Part II]
Simon returned again Christmas of that year to spend time with his new family. By this time he had already affirmed his plans to move to the USA.
2013 became a long year, as Simon and Jenni applied for the K1 Visa to allow Simon entry into the US to marry Jennifer. Accounts of some of the experiences during this time can be found on this blog. Simon was approved in mid-October and left the UK on the 29th of the month!
Simon and Jennifier married on Tuesday 12th November 2013 at the Enchanted Evening venue in Roland, Arkansas in front of close friends and family. They are both residing in Sherwood, Arkansas at their parents’ home as they begin the next steps to permanent residency, obtaining a green card, employment and more.


Jennifer works for Windstream as a Network Analyst. She holds a CCENT and an Associates Degree in Computer Information Systems. She will go on to do her Batcehlor’s Degree later.
Simon is currently unemployed due to relocating to the USA. He has a background in Facility Services. He worked in the Education sector for almost 15 years providing Facility Services to a local school. Although he enjoyed his career, he is ready for a change and would like to persue a job linked more closely with his hobbies and interests, which lie in IT, Music and the Aviation industry.

Hobbies & Interests

Jennifer enjoys computing and music. She can sing. She also enjoys reading, writing, drawing and crafting. She loves the outdoors and is a keen camper.
Simon also enjoys computing and music. He plays guitar and keyboards and is a passionate composer and producer. You will find links to some of his work on this site. He is also an aviation enthusiast and enjoys all aspects of air travel. He enjoys the outdoors and is a keen photographer. He loves to play pool, air hockey, and a small selection of computer games.
Both have experience of Paranormal Investigating and an interest in the unknown!